UGC Growth

Drive more UGC on social

LoudCrowd enables brands to get more organic UGC on social.  Set up incentive programs to drive all of your customers to create more UGC, and amplify your brand through scalable word-of-mouth marketing.

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receives $63k per month in additional UGC value


Elevated Faith

increased ambassador engagement by 2.6x



saw a huge increase in audience reach

Rewards Programs

Your customers are your most powerful marketers. Create a feedback loop with your customers by incentivizing them to create social content after a purchase. Build a UGC incentive program from scratch or integrate with your existing ambassador program.

Ambassador Programs

Identify your top brand advocates and incentivize them to create more high quality content.  Already have an affiliate program?  Add content incentives to your existing sales incentives… you could be getting more out of your affiliates.

UGC Contests

Looking for a particular type of content?  UGC Contests help you gain a temporary increase in UGC and drive a certain type of content.

Surprise and Delight

Reward your new or most valuable customers with surprise and delight gifts for driving even more content and loyalty.

After a gift, a brand’s customer will create 43% more posts.

Better together.

Easily integrate LoudCrowd into your current Marketing workflow.