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Reward great content. Build your community. 

Social gifting with LoudCrowd is as easy as one-click digital rewards to your customers via DM, text, or email. Automated messaging takes your brand engagement to the next level.

Nurturing your community doesn’t have to be a full-time job

LoudCrowd streamlines and simplifies the social gifting & engagement process. With LoudCrowd, automatically create and send product, site credits, discounts, gift cards, and more with our best-in-class surprise and delight product suite. At the same time, create automated DMs to send these gifts & messages with every tag.

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UGC Activity

Customers are 100% more likely to post about your brand again after being social gifted

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Return on Investment

Marketers, on average see a 5x return on every $1 spent on social gifting

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Customers are 2x more likely to tag your brand again if engaged with within 7 days of the post

What people are saying

“We had reached out to this account with around 100k to partner in the past, and they had declined.  I reached out to them last night to see if they’d like to be an ambassador now that we had Storefronts, and they thought it was really cool and jumped at the opportunity”
Christine Abdelmalek
“We love to use the platform to run quick challenges with our student ambassador program! We recently ran a flash challenge for PLT’s birthday and have another upcoming one day flash challenge for national unicorn day! It is so easy to plan, the students also love them! We can plan a challenge that day and have it sent out at the end of the day! We can also pick the winners that night, so we have a whole challenge set up and completed in one day time!”
Kira Renier
US Influencer Assistant
“We wanted a way to engage ALL customers who love and post about our brand. LoudCrowd has made this possible by offering a scalable, automated approach that requires little manual management.”
Maurine Magka
Influencer Marketing Manager

Create digital rewards

Anything that can be purchased on your eCommerce site can be gifted digitally. LoudCrowd’s integration with Shopify and other eCommerce platforms makes setting up digital gifts, for everything from discounts to free products, easy.

Automated social gifting efforts

Automate your social gifting efforts

LoudCrowd offers automated discounts, site credits, gift cards, free product, flowers, and so much more.

The best part – you can automate the delivery of everything. Imagine automatically sending flowers to your top customers on their birthday?

Automate your responses on Instagram

LoudCrowd Auto Story Replies product allows social media managers to set up automated replies based on number of tags, follower count, customer segments, and more.

Social media managers no longer need to work on weekends with Auto Story Replies.

Track ROI on every gift and message sent

LoudCrowd measures the value of every reward or message being sent out. Quickly pull ROI numbers for your gifting and messaging efforts.

Manually send messages and gifts

LoudCrowd pulls all of the Instagram & TikTok that your brand is being tagged in on Instagram & TikTok.

From the platform, scroll through your library of content, sending personal messages (or from templates) & gifts to the content you’re most proud of.

Social gifting is used by brands of all sizes


average increase in posts after member joins program


average influencer savings after launching social club


average increase in LTV after member joins program


average ROI after 3 months of LoudCrowd partnership

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