Target Affiliate Program: How It Works

What is the Target Affiliate Program?

The Target Affiliate Program, also known as the Target Partners Program, offers creators commissions from trackable links and personalized storefront pages.

Target Partners offers two unique perks for members: 

Target Partners Provides Commissionable Product Links

Content creators can also earn dollars through revenue from commissionable product links. Target advertises a 7 day cookie length that comes with all links. This means that an affiliate can get credit for a sale that happens 7 days after the initial link click.

Target Gives Top Creators an Affiliate Storefront

Target offers influencers their own personal storefront to refer to in UGC. Creators earn commissions on sales that involve their storefront link. 

Kimberly Pardo's Target Storefront that includes her profile image, collections, and biography

Influencers can personalize their Target Influencer Storefront with:

  • Profile image
  • Curated collections of available products 
  • Personal welcome message

Target’s creators bundle products into cohesive collections of their favorite clothing, go-to beauty products, and more. Clicking into a collection reveals of all of the influencer’s picks.

Clicking into Kimberly Pardo's collection reveals the complete list of products

Target Features Top Creator Storefronts on a Community Page

Target’s Storefront community page is a discoverable list of top creator curations. Customers can discover new creators that look like them or share common interests.

Target Affiliate Program has a community page of top Influencer Storefronts

How does the Target Affiliate Program Work?

The Target Affiliate Program requires an Impact-Radius account. Interested influencers fill out an application that qualifies based on follower count, engagement rate, and more. If approved, creators are instantly able to market Target’s products

Target Partners advertises a max commission rate of 8% commission rate for. However, most product categories are likely to fall between 1 and 5% with substantive increases depending on the volume of orders a creator brings in.

Target Affiliate Program Commission Schedule:
Apparel: 5%
Home & Outdoor Living: 5%
Baby Gear & Furniture: 3%
Health & Beauty: 1%

Target also excludes several categories of offerings including but not limited to grocery, consumable media, toys, and gift cards. This can be highly frustrating considering alternatives like the Amazon Influencer Program manage to payout (albeit a small amount) for nearly everything.

Why is the Program Important to Ecommerce?

Shoppers are increasingly turning to their mobile devices and social media for all of their shopping. In fact, a 2022 Deloitte survey found that 60% of Gen Z and 56% of millennials agree. 

Target’s Influencer Storefronts and the dedicated community shopping page are an acknowledgement that consumers are shopping through the people, not product categories categories. Target joins Walmart, Amazon and others in multi-million dollar investments into creator-led commerce experiences. 

Walmart Creator and Amazon Influencer Program both offer creators personal storefronts to sell products from

Target sees the several proven benefits of creator driven commerce: 

  • 100% increase in e-comm conversions rates by merging influencers with shopping experiences
  • 60% increase in cart values by strategically grouping products into creator-led collections
  • Rise in influencer retention due to a simpler, more lucrative model of earning commissions

In a race for customers in an economy denoted by high customer acquisition costs, most brands will eventually embrace the Target Affiliate Storefront model for creator partnerships.

How do I add Creator Storefronts to my Ecommerce Site?

Walmart, Amazon, and Target invest billions of dollars and resources into making creator storefronts. 

With LoudCrowd, adding Influencer Storefronts to your e-comm site can be done with the click of a button and at a major fraction of the cost.

LoudCrowd powered Influencer Storefront with Freedom Rave Wear

Ensure your e-comm site is for the creator commerce world. Chat with us today!

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