Ambassador Programs

Turn your Brand Ambassadors into your go-to marketing tool

Get 10x the amount of authentic and engaging content from your superfans – at the fraction of the cost of a single influencer

Drive awareness and sales through Brand Ambassadors

Infinitely scale influencer & ambassador programs with automation. Turn your brand ambassadors into your primary growth strategy.

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UGC Activity

Members post on average 500% more on Instagram & TikTok after joining a program

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Influencer Savings

Brands save on average $204k on influencers with a LoudCrowd ambassador program

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Return on Investment

The majority of brands see an ROI of 10x or more after running their LoudCrowd program for months

What people are saying

“LoudCrowd is an amazing platform that is really helping us scale our ambassador programs. We have been working closely with Alexa and she has been truly amazing at helping us feel confident in using the platform and giving ideas on how to grow our programs bigger and better.”
Lauren Holuby
US Brand Marketing Assistant
“We love to use the platform to run quick challenges with our student ambassador program! We recently ran a flash challenge for PLT’s birthday and have another upcoming one day flash challenge for national unicorn day! It is so easy to plan, the students also love them! We can plan a challenge that day and have it sent out at the end of the day! We can also pick the winners that night, so we have a whole challenge set up and completed in one day time!”
Kira Renier
US Influencer Assistant
“Through LoudCrowd, we’ve been able to leverage our ambassadors for new product launches and events. Our group of ~100 SweetWater Ambassadors have helped us reach over 1 million additional people. We’re planning to leverage our existing and future ambassadors to promote our expanded business offerings, like for our new taproom in Colorado!”
Evan Woolard
Senior Digital Marketing Manager

An extension of your brand

LoudCrowd technology seamlessly integrates within your existing influencer journey to power an ambassador program that is white-labeled and unique to your brand.

That’s right, no third party portals or apps to introduce friction between you and your creators.

Reward builder for ambassador program

Influencer payouts, product seeding, and special rewards

LoudCrowd integrates within your eCommerce platforms to offer ambassador incentives including but not limited to: cash payouts, gift cards, free product & flowers, site credits & discounts.

The best part – you can automate the delivery of everything.

Communicate with your community of ambassadors, in mass

LoudCrowd’s unique messaging capabilities & integrations allows you to reach all of your ambassadors at the same time through Instagram direct messages, email, or text message – right from the platform.

LoudCrowd’s automations enable you to automatically send emails, text messages, and Instagram DMs as soon as a post happens.

Launch campaigns and challenges to all ambassadors, in minutes

LoudCrowd’s challenge builder enables you to select recipients, decide on rewards for participants (or winners), draft the campaign brief, deliver the communications, and view campaign metrics directly from the platform.

Brands can plan and deliver campaigns in as little as an hour – and with support from our team.

Automatic content ownership rights for all ambassadors

Baked into the LoudCrowd sign-up privacy policy is the automatic right to re-use your ambassadors’ content in marketing materials, on your website, and wherever else you’d like.

Get ready to enjoy a library of new and powerful content for all of your marketing needs.

Grow your program infinitely

LoudCrowd technology was designed to help you grow and manage your ambassador programs to tens of thousands of your most passionate brand advocates. Through automation, influencer marketing teams of 1-2 people can manage thousands of ambassadors with ease.

Trusted by brands of all sizes


average increase in posts after member joins program


average influencer savings after launching social club


average increase in LTV after member joins program


average ROI after 3 months of LoudCrowd partnership

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