AI-powered, Human-curated, Targeted Influencer Discovery

Tired of running the same filters in a giant influencer database? Stop running into the same 20 creators and sifting through pages of spam. LoudCrowd uses AI and human creation to create focused influencer lists perfectly designed for your goals

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Personalized Influencer Discovery

Your path to influencer growth, focused on your campaign needs and influencer performance

ai influencer discovery


There are millions of creators in the world. We let our AI search giant databases to find the highest engaging influencers that meet a brand’s criteria

Human curated

AI filtering is not enough. We have on-shore, creator managers who spend all day on social media. It’s their job to make sure your influencers prospects are fits for your brand.

human curated lists of potential creators to work with
industry / niche specific influencer discovery

Industry or niche specific

For when “lifestyle” or “fashion” doesn’t cut it. Put together lists of micro-influencers with certain content types, history of brand engagements, social profiles, or audience sizes

Conversion Funnels

LoudCrowd supports the entire influencer conversion funnel, from discovery to recruitment, so we can both save you time and select the highest converting influencers

Product seed your potential influencers automatically and manually from LoudCrowd

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