Measure the Earned Media Value of UGC

The LoudCrowd platform allows brands to view and assign value to user-generated content (UGC).

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Insight into your most valuable marketing channel.

Understand UGC as a marketing channel, not just engaging content. With LoudCrowd UGC measurement, your team will have instant insights into the value of your UGC, who’s creating it, and how to drive more.


Stories mentions

Grenade saw 1,200 Instagram mentions in 2 weeks


more social posts

The Ryderwear Social Squad generates 4x more posts then pre-program


new members

Dropps surpassed 300 new ambassadors in 24-hrs


Measure the value of all of your UGC

Understand who’s creating high-value Instagram content. Access impressions, engagement rate, follower count, and UGC value all in one place.


Identify your most valuable brand advocates

Identify your most loyal customers and communicate with them through comments and messages.

In less than a week, Planet Blue drove customer UGC through it’s Swell platform with LoudCrowd’s out-of-the-box integration.


Easily curate top content on quantitative and qualitative metrics.

Curate your most valuable and engaging content, then repurpose that on other channels like social, email, website, or your brand’s storefront.


Build a database of customers who engage with your brand.

Reward your most valuable customers with surprise and delight gifts for driving even more content and loyalty.

Existing brand advocates tagging the brand create 43% more content when they are in an incentive program

Better together.

Easily integrate LoudCrowd into your current Marketing workflow.

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