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We’re on a mission to make user-generated content a brand’s most successful marketing channel.

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We’re a small team doing big things.

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LoudCrowd core values

We are a tight-knit group of people who are fully committed to supporting each other and achieving as a team. We believe in a comfortable, fun and productive work atmosphere, and we pride ourselves on maintaining our eight company values:

Enjoy the ride.

While companies strive towards milestones, too much time is spent on the journey not to enjoy it. It’s not acceptable to simply say, in the future we’ll be having more fun.

Solve the big problem.

Whether it’s developing a feature or building a process for our clients, it’s important to work with the big picture in mind. Don’t have tunnel vision.

Be passionate.

We don’t expect our team members to have all the right answers. But we expect our team to be passionate about pursuing the right answers, and about improving themselves. Strive for greatness in everything you do.

Don't try to be right.

Often there are multiple solutions. We ask our teammates to try and detach themselves from “their idea,” and work towards finding the best answer for the company. 
Check your ego.

Don't be an a**hole.

It’s hard to do your job, improve, and have fun at work if you don’t get along with your teammates. We don’t tolerate bullying, intimidation, or abuse. Deliver feedback with the purpose of making positive change, not satisfying impulses.

Experiment, gather data, optimize.

We are building something that’s never been built before. That requires a lot of judgment, but it also requires using data-driven experiments to make sure our hypotheses are correct.

Be transparent.

From the leadership team to the individual contributors, we believe in transparency. We trust each other to be supportive of our challenges and potential mistakes, so we are transparent in everything we do.

Be accountable.

We expect everyone in our company to “own” part of the business (both operationally and financially). As part of that, we need to be accountable to ourselves and each other for the collective good.

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