Brand Ambassador vs Influencer:

Leverage Influencer Marketing Tools the Right Way

We’re sure you’ve seen them: brand ambassadors in an ad wearing a specific, unique product. Or you may have read an article about a celebrity or influencer being spotted with a brand-name accessory or bag. However, there are many different kinds of influencer marketing tools, influencers and different types of brands. Some choose to work with regular consumers or everyday shoppers for their ambassador roles, while others choose to hire people with big followings.

For instance, brand ambassadors are often hired to build awareness around a company or product, while influencers offer recommendations or reviews of products or services in order to help their audience make informed decisions.

Many companies increased their interest in what is influencer marketing as it continues to be a hot trend in the digital marketing space. Many brands are now looking for ways to find the right people to represent their products and bring their message to life. At the same time, there are different platforms offering influencer marketing tools, to find brand ambassadors or influencers. So which of these is best for your needs? We’ve dug into the features of LoudCrowd and Grin platforms and compared their features to help you make the right decision.


Brand Ambassador Programs

Customer content (or UGC) is authentic and scalable.  Incentivize your customers to create more content with discounts, and they’ll spend more money with your brand.


Influencer Marketing Platform

Influencer marketing is oversaturated, expensive, and lacks authenticity.

Product Feature Comparison

Creator collaboration and DMsWith customers, ambassadors and fans already tagging the brandWith influencers; must use discovery
Data import/export toolsYes; including rewards codes and customer lists
AnalyticsInfluencers, customers, advocates, etc.Influencers in the network
eCommerce integration
Instagram integration
TikTok integration
Social CRMInfluencers, customers, advocates, etc.Influencers Only
Out-of-the-box ambassador programs
Program Management
Automated social gifting
Pricing$500 to $2k/mo$4k/mo + cost per influencer post
Trusted by These Brands

“LoudCrowd – in combination with our marketing efforts – has allowed us to grow

our reach 4-5x in just a few months, which has been SO awesome to see.”

Morgan LernerCo-Founder and CEO GoNanas
Morgan Lerner


Beatbox Beverages
signed up 500+ ambassadors in their 1st month


Dew Edit
saw a 7x increase
in user generated content


achieved 12x ROI within 6 months of campaign launch

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