Create a Customer Referral Program that’s more than ‘Refer a Friend’

Leverage LoudCrowd’s powerful automations, incentives, and engagements to create one of the most memorable customer referral programs ever. Plus, give every brand advocate a shoppable landing page, registry, gift guide, or wishlist to drive social sales

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Transform your customers into affiliates

Grow social sales, user-generated content (UGC), and customer lifetime value (CLTV)

Personalized Creator Storefronts for any customer. An unprecedented customer referral program

Personalized, Shoppable Creator Storefronts for any customer

Automatically generated, shoppable pages that live on your eComm. Use Creator Storefronts to allow any customer to create a gift guide, shoppable wishlist, registry, and more

Social Gifting

Deliver surprise gifts, commissions, products, or site credits to customers automatically. Surprise & delight your top performing customers-turned-affiliate

Plus, send automated rewards like free products, discounts, and site credit to any customer for posting UGC on Instagram & TikTok

Social gifting and product seeding for customer advocate
Creator Storefronts offer an eComm native solution to giving your customer referral program members shareable wishlists, gift guides, etc.

Automated content syncing with Instagram & TikTok integrations

Automatically populate your newly earned media & UGC on your eComm site via LoudCrowd’s official integrations with Instagram and TikTok

Contests and Campaigns

LoudCrowd’s contest / challenge builder enables you to select recipients, decide on rewards for participants (or winners), draft the campaign brief, deliver the communications, and view contest metrics directly from the platform

Contests and Campaigns enable you to get even more content out of your top customers-turned-affiliates
LoudCrowd | Creators uses OTP login. It will be your affiliate creators favorite portal for all things affiliate marketing

UGC Content Rights

Baked into the LoudCrowd sign-up privacy policy is the automatic right to re-use any UGC in marketing materials, on your website, and wherever else you’d like

Customer Advocate Discovery Lists

Both AI and human curated lists of social creators, targeted to your program needs. LoudCrowd connects to your social channels to discover a list of every customer that has ever tagged or mentioned your brand.

Discover new customers that would be a great fit for a customer referral program with LoudCrowd's Customer Advocate Discovery Lists

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