Influencer Storefronts

Give every creator a shoppable collab page on your site

Auto-generated shoppable Influencer Storefronts on YOUR eComm site that track attribution and radically increase sales from your creators.

Delivering a personalized, creator-centric shopping experience. At scale.

LoudCrowd brings the Amazon Influencer Storefront experience to any eComm site. Take your affiliate marketing to the next level and bridge the customer journey from social to eComm.

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Conversion Rate

Turning your eComm social with Storefronts increases conversion rates upwards of 100%.

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Average Order Value

Creator made bundles drive more add to carts, and a 60% increase in average order values.

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Cost per Acquisition

Today’s CPAs are unsustainable. LoudCrowd’s Storefront CPAs are 80% lower than other channels.

What people are saying about Influencer Storefronts

“We had reached out to this account with around 100k to partner in the past, and they had declined.  I reached out to them last night to see if they’d like to be an ambassador now that we had Storefronts, and they thought it was really cool and jumped at the opportunity”
Christine Abdelmalek
“This is great, because it makes influencers affordable. A) Seeding out as much free product to people who will accept for posts and then B) using a commission-based posting model. Right now the rates are so inflated – “I want $100k because I have 1M followers” – who knows if we’ll ever make that back.”
Willow Harville
Team Marketing Manager
“This is exciting because we’re we’ve already been happy with the production and value provided from LoudCrowd at this point, so to be able to amplify this [with Storefronts] is tremendously significant.”
Kyle Carr
Community and Relationships Manager

Auto-generated Influencer Storefronts on your eCommerce site

Create personalized pages for every creator you work with that are optimized for social selling.

Storefronts are automatically generated after sign-up with all of the creators’ content from Instagram and TikTok

Measure sales through robust server-side tracking

LoudCrowd uses industry best server-side tracking to ensure all referred orders are accounted for.

Leverage LoudCrowd’s dashboards to view attribution in real-time.

Boost conversion rates and average order values with creator-based stores

Achieve the highest conversion rates of any marketing channel with extreme, creator-based personalization.

Auto-pay commissions to enable scale

Automatically pay commissions for orders to enable program scalability. LoudCrowd also supports customization options like order buffers (to prevent fraud), custom payout dates, and more.

Product bundles, made by your creators

Every Storefront makes it easy for your creators to choose the products featured on their page. LoudCrowd’s product picker functionality puts influencer bundles on your site, without any development effort for your brand

Apply creator sponsored sales to stores automatically

LoudCrowd enables all creators with storefronts to utilize flash sales and timed discounts directly on their store.

The best part – you have the option to turn on coupon site protection.

Increase affiliate retention and engagement

Retain affiliates at a greater rate by providing them with personalized real estate on your site.

They’ll be happier and more engaged because they are earning more commissions while driving your brand more dollars.

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