The Most Scalable, Highly Converting Brand Ambassador Programs in the World

Invite all of your creators and brand advocates to tiered ambassador programs. Use automation to manage different types of creators, and scale into the thousands with minimal management

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Scale Ambassador Programs

All the features you need to manage scalable, engaging brand ambassador programs targeted at every level of creator

Automated gifting for brand ambassador programs

Automated Gifting

Create automated gifting tiers. Include welcome gifts, gifts for content, discounts, and custom challenges / briefs to be delivered automatically

Personalized, Shoppable Creator Storefronts for all your Collabs

Automatically generated, shoppable pages that live on your eComm that influencers can personalize and curate. The highest converting pages for any social traffic

Give all of your brand ambassador program members a shoppable page to use for shoppable wishlists, influencer gift guides, etc.
reporting and analytics for your brand ambassador programs

Reporting and Analytics

Get industry leading analytics on which creators are creating the most content, EMV, and conversions. Compare influencers as a segment vs. organic and UGC

LoudCrowd | Creators – the best ambassador marketing portal

Ambassadors can manage their storefronts, see their stats, manage their commissions, receive program communications, and check out briefs… all in one place

LoudCrowd | Creators - the best ambassador marketing portal for brand ambassador programs
Brand ambassador program members typically have a much higher customer LTV (cLTV) than your other members

Customer LTV

Drive as many brand advocates as possible to sign up to be an ambassador, and watch their LTV increase 15% on average

Content Management and Rights

Automatically get rights to content from influencers. Manage all content (both influencers and organic / UGC) in one place. Create galleries and download high-res assets

brand ambassador content management and rights

News – Brand Ambassador Programs

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