Looking for an influencer marketing agency? Check out the alternative and get instant access to real, organic social proof

When it comes to getting exposure for your brand and increasing consumer interest, working with an influencer marketing agency is a legacy strategy to reach your audience. However, for brands that don’t have the budget to tap into this, there are plenty of alternative tactics you can try with LoudCrowd. In fact, there are plenty of ways to leverage influencer marketing outside of paying the agencies for sponsored posts.

Or, if your company has been using influencer marketing agency services for some time now, it might be time for you to switch up things a bit. Influencer marketing is a worthwhile undertaking, but it doesn’t work for everyone. If you’ve been engaging with influencers and have yet to see the ROI you had hoped for, don’t fret; there are other ways to increase brand awareness. While both have their pros and cons, we’re going to help you decide between them and tell you which platform best suits your needs by comparing Mavrck, an influencer platform, with LoudCrowd.


User-Generated Content Platform

With LoudCrowd, you can leverage authentic UGC to engage customers and fans who are already creating beautiful content and tagging your brand for free! UGC is already out there…no bidding on influencers to get it.


Brand Ambassador Platform

Requires an app download that causes friction in the relationship

Product Feature Comparison

Creator collaboration and DMsWith customers, ambassadors and fans already tagging the brandEngage influencers, unknown to your brand
Data import/export toolsYes; including rewards codes and customer lists
InstagramMeasure and assign value to UGCFocused on influencer scoring
eCommerce integration
Instagram integration
TikTok integration
Social CRMWith labels, notes, and segmentation
Out-of-the-box ambassador programs
Automated social gifting
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With the LoudCrowd team, we built a completely out-of-the-box brand ambassador program focused on rewarding Dropps Ambassadors
for creating UGC, tracking key analytics within the program, and establishing a clear way to measure the program’s value.

Esme CarpenterContent, Brand Partnerships & SocialDropps
Esme Carpenter


Beatbox Beverages
signed up 500+ ambassadors in their 1st month


Dew Edit
saw a 7x increase
in user generated content


achieved 12x ROI within 6 months of campaign launch

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