Sales and UGC Content Soar After Melinda Maria Formalizes Creator Program

Melinda Maria generated $155K in revenue and tripled its total earned user-generated content (UGC) with just $13K in gifts through the formal ambassador program.


in monthly creator sales


higher conversion rate vs. rest of the website


increase in UGC on Instagram & TikTok


return on investment (ROI)


L.A.-based jewelry brand Melinda Maria had seen success working with one-off influencers and gifting key customer advocates but was looking to scale their efforts with a formal ambassador program. Their goals were to gift key customers, achieve more cost-efficient impressions, and support their ambassadors in driving as much attributable revenue as possible.


Melinda Maria engaged LoudCrowd to help develop a formal ambassador program to monetize and gift their customer advocates. All ambassadors were given Creator Storefronts to monetize their traffic from social media, and the program provides an automated system for gifting key ambassadors and scaling Melinda Maria’s Storefront offering.

Ambassadors and influencers sign up for the Melinda Maria creator-affiliate program and receive their own shoppable Creator Storefront. That page has the creator's favorite products, jewelry, and more.


Within five months, the program has excelled at driving both revenue and content, as well as fostering a passionate community of brand ambassadors.


All ambassadors were given Creator Storefronts to drive traffic to the site and affiliate codes to further incentivize customer conversations. Five months later, the program is now generating $80K/month in sales through 400+ creators.

Traffic from creator social audiences is significant: conversion rates on Storefronts are 37% higher than the rest of the eCommerce site, and AOV is 10% higher than the rest of the site.


While the program developed an extremely strong conversion funnel for creator traffic, creator engagement also increased significantly. In 5 months, total UGC from Instagram and TikTok grew 3X – an extra 1K posts and 10M impressions per month – with impressions now at an average CPM of $1.40.

Specifically, 80% of this additional content per month comes from the programs’ brand ambassadors, who have increased their production by 8X since joining the formal program with gifting and Storefronts.


Through the addition of this formal ambassador program, Melinda Maria has grown and strengthened its community of brand advocates, who now participate in monthly virtual Storefront workshops, in-person meet-ups, and exclusive social media groups to share their favorite content and sales tips.


Reduction in Customer Acquisition Costs


Incremental Increase in Conversion Rate


Increase in Average Order Value


of Entire Gross Merchandise Value (GMV)

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