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Working with a partner like LoudCrowd has been a dream of mine for the last 7.5 years. LoudCrowd allows us to engage with our passionate customers and reward them for sharing their love of the brand through their social networks. Working with the customer strategy team has made the process of engaging seamless and helps me bring my vision for the [brand ambassador] program to life!

Katie VisentinDirector of Brand ActivationUCAN
Katie Visentin
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I really love the addition of the notes section! It has made our CRM a lot easier because we can now record everything in one place. Multiple team members use LoudCrowd, and now we’re are able to manage our ambassadors across all of our communication channels more easily.

Maurine MagkaInfluencer Marketing ManagerBombshell Sportswear
Maurine Magka

“With the LoudCrowd team, we built a completely out-of-the-box brand ambassador program focused on rewarding Dropps Ambassadors for creating UGC, tracking key analytics within the program, and establishing a clear way to measure the program’s value.”

Esme CarpenterContent, Brand Partnerships & SocialDropps
Esme CarpenterDropps

It’s been a pleasure working with LoudCrowd. They have really helped amp up our ambassador program and are super supportive and helpful. We’ve seen a big increase in our social media and brand awareness. We would definitely recommend!

Averey ElliottCommunity Marketing ManagerLucchese
Averey ElliottLucchese

“Loudcrowd makes it so much easier to keep track of our user-generated content [UGC].

No more spreadsheets or having 100 tabs open at a time. A huge time saver!”

Dyllan GuthrieCommunity Coordinator, Team LeadChatbooks
Dyllan GuthrieChatbooks

“LoudCrowd – in combination with our marketing efforts – has allowed us to grow

our reach 4-5x in just a few months, which has been SO awesome to see.”

Morgan LernerCo-Founder and CEO GoNanas
Morgan LernerGoNanas

LoudCrowd has been a great switch for our ambassador program. It is easy to use, hands-off, and creates great results.

Courtney DukeMarketing Director Freedom Rave Wear
Courtney DukeFreedom Rave Wear


Beatbox Beverages signed up 500+ ambassadors in their 1st month


Dew Edit saw a 7x increase in user generated content


Ryderwear achieved 12x ROI within 6 months of campaign launch

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