UGC Analytics

Analyze and track

user-generated content

With UGC Analytics, bring digital strategy and organic social media measurement together in one place to better understand, segment, and manage the earned value of UGC across all your customers, influencers, and brand ambassadors.

Measure the Earned Media Value of UGC

The LoudCrowd platform allows brands to view and assign value to user-generated content (UGC) and understand how their micro-influencer network performs across Instagram and TikTok.

What people are saying

“Using LoudCrowd simplifies the tracking and collecting of content from all of our vast social communities. It is so efficient to be able to track + collect content all in one place, while seeing performance metrics as well!”
Nicole Silvestro
Content & PR Manager
“LoudCrowd saved us on Black Friday! We realized we needed more content for some of our product listings, and it was super easy to use keywords to identify the content we needed and had permissions to use, save the high-res images, and organize for future use. The amount of time it would’ve taken me just scrolling through Instagram… I told my team this is going to be a game changer!””
Justine Woods
“I really love the addition of the notes section! It has made our CRM a lot easier because we can now record everything in one place. Multiple team members use LoudCrowd, and now we’re are able to manage our ambassadors across all of our communication channels more easily.”
Maurine Magka
Influencer Marketing Manager

Measure the value of your micro-influencer network

Understand who’s creating high-value Instagram and TikTok content. Access impressions, engagement rate, follower count, and UGC value all in one place. Create lists and reports to share with other stakeholders.

Social CRM to keep all of your creator data in one place

Easily curate top content on quantitative and qualitative metrics.

Curate your most valuable and engaging content, then repurpose that on other channels like social, email, website, or your brand’s storefront.

Ditch the spreadsheets and leverage LoudCrowd’s Social CRM to track creator activity, keep notes, and other identifying information like email and phone number.

Manually send messages and gifts

LoudCrowd pulls all of the Instagram & TikTok that your brand is being tagged in on Instagram & TikTok.

From the platform, scroll through your library of content, sending personal messages (or from templates) & gifts to the content you’re most proud of.

The Latest on UGC Analytics

How to Find Top Brand Ambassadors with UGC Software

How to Find Top Brand Ambassadors with UGC Software

Brand tags are a gold mine of creative, authentic content that can be reused in social platforms, on brand websites, or even in digital ads. As the top Social CRM, LoudCrowd allows you to organize, track, and analyze your UGC and ambassador programs the same way you do sales. 

Benchmarking Brand Success with UGC

Benchmarking Brand Success with UGC

We analyzed hundreds of accounts, thousands of posts covering millions of impressions to bring you this UGC Benchmark report. We dive into several industries to help you understand how your brand compares in gaining UGC traction.

Integrate your entire tech stack

LoudCrowd integrates with the most commonly used eComm platforms, email service providers, loyalty providers and more to provide the best white-labeled creator experience in the industry.

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