Drive More UGC.

Your customers love your brand and generate more user generated content (UGC) than ever before.  Start to measure and incentivize that content, and watch your customers drive sales to new heights as the mouthpiece of your brand.

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 UGC Measurement

 Understand the value of your UGC and where it comes from.

 Answer questions like:

 How much is my UGC worth?

 How many high quality posts did we get this week?

 Who's generating the most content?

 What posts are performing the best?

 UGC Growth

 Get more customers tagging the brand.

 Our platform enables customers to:

 Automatically reward customers when they post

 Create and automate ambassador programs

 Run and measure the value of UGC contests

 Discover and automate incentives for nano-influencers

News and Updates 

Keep up with the latest news, updates, and best practices in the world of UGC and word-of-mouth marketing. Your mission to make UGC your most effective marketing channel starts here...

Three ways Instagram is changing in 2020

Three ways Instagram is changing in 2020

This year, Instagram will celebrate its tenth birthday.  As the platform reaches a decade of visual content, it's still growing and more popular as ever.  In fact, late last year eMarketer predicted that users will spend on average 28 minutes a day on the platform in...

5 reasons to make UGC the focus of your 2020 strategy

5 reasons to make UGC the focus of your 2020 strategy

Build creative.  Schedule posts.  Publish content.  Target ads.  Pay per click.   Too often, brands on social media become so focused on publishing content and paying for growth that they forget why people are on social media in the first place.  To connect with other...

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