Drive More UGC.

Your customers love your brand and generate more user generated content (UGC) than ever before.  Start to measure and incentivize that content, and watch your customers drive sales to new heights as the mouthpiece of your brand.

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Incentivize Tagging the Brand

Your customers want to support the brand and share their pride.  Give them a nudge.

Validate Customer Posts

Use image recognition technology to automatically validate customer posts as they happen.

Fulfill Rewards Automatically

As customers achieve rewards and complete milestones, their rewards are automatically fulfilled without your team lifting a finger.

Measure and Optimize

Capture data on marketing metrics (like impressions, reach, CPM), customer engagement, and improvements in customer LTV.  Then optimize the program to maximize the ROI of your customers.

The First Platform Designed to Radically Scale UGC

Brands know UGC is valuable, but more often than not they take it for granted, or consider it something out of their control.  We’ve introduced the first platform that focuses on measuring, incentivizing, and increasing User-Generated Content.

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