LoudCrowd Releases White Label Influencer Experience Portal for Brands’ Sites

LoudCrowd’s Ambassador Programs just got even better with the influencer experience portal – Ambassador Hub. Brand Ambassadors can now login to a portal that houses all of their commission stats and earned rewards, natively on the brand site. No longer will Ambassadors need to use a dreaded 3rd party app or website portal to see all of their program communications.

This is the first, and only, white labeled influencer experience that mimics the best Ambassador Programs in the world (Revolve, Target, Walmart, Amazon, etc.).

LoudCrowd’s Ambassador Hub integrates directly on the brand site, introducing a seamless, white label experience for all creators. Creators will use the same login they use to shop, to get to their Ambassador Hub.

They can access their Ambassador Hub via the standard account page, or a path of brand choosing.

Gonanas uses LoudCrowd's Ambassador Hub which offers a native portal for members to view social stats and affiliate data
LoudCrowd powers Gonanas’ Ambassador Hub which allows members & creators to login and see their social stats, rewards, and affiliate data

The Ambassador Hub Includes:

  • Profile Information: Displays the Ambassadors connected social handles, membership start date, and affiliate code & links
  • Affiliate / Commission Stats: Ambassadors can view their sales quantity, total revenue sold, pending commissions, and total commissions to date.
  • UGC Rewards: Ambassadors can quickly reference the rewards available to earn, and see the ones they’ve already received. Ambassadors can quickly copy their codes and make a purchase, right from the Hub.
  • Social Stats: Ambassadors get a holistic view of their social stats with the brand, including total posting history all-time, and of the month
  • Recent Posts: Ambassadors can quickly view their approved UGC content from Instagram and TikTok, directly on the brand site
  • Recommended for You: The Ambassador Hub doubles as a reference portal, and shopping experience. Brands can include recommended products throughout the hub, making redeeming hard-earned site credits & discounts seamless.

Learn more about LoudCrowd’s unique Ambassador and Affiliate solutions.

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