Walmart Creator Program: What is it and why it is so important?

Walmart Creator media kit

What is the Walmart Creator Program?

In October 2022, Walmart announced its direct challenge to the Amazon Influencer Program, Walmart Creator. The offering is designed to benefit content creators by offering influencers commissions from trackable product links and personalized storefront pages.

The program offers three unique perks for members: 

Walmart Offers UGC Rewards

Walmart offers influencer bundles that creators earn in exchange for posting on social media. Items range from clothing to home goods, appealing to creators of all types. 

Walmart Simplifies Commissionable Product Links

Content creators can also earn dollars through commissionable product links. Each influencer has access to their own portal where it’s simple to create a trackable link to any available Walmart product. 

As an alternative, creators have access to a browser extension that makes creating trackable links seamless with navigating the Walmart site. 

Walmart Creator browser extension for product picking

Walmart Gives Influencers Creator Storefronts

Most distinctly, Walmart offers creators their own personal storefront to refer to in UGC. Creators continue to earn commissions on sales that involves their storefront. 

Walmart Creator Kiva Brent personal storefront with favorite product finds

Influencers can personalize their Walmart influencer storefront with:

  • Profile picture and banner image
  • Curated bundles of available products 
  • Personal bio / welcome message 

Much like commissionable product links, influencers can add products to their storefront via the portal or browser extension. 

How does the Walmart Creator Program Work?

Walmart has an application process that qualifies applicants based on follower count, engagement rate, and more. Once approved, creators instantly have access to promote Walmart’s plethora of product offerings and earn commissions. 

It’s important to note that the commission rate for selling goods varies by product category. Some categories, like beauty, offer an 15%+ commission rate whereas media and gaming offer less than 1%. 

Creators can view their affiliate and storefront performance from the Walmart Creator dashboard. After a maturation period, content creators receive their well deserved funds.

Why is the Program Important to Ecommerce?

Shoppers are increasingly turning to their mobile devices and social media for all of their shopping. In fact, a 2022 Deloitte survey found that 60% of Gen Z and 56% of millennials agree. 

Walmart Creator’s influencer storefront product is an acknowledgement that consumers are shopping through people, not categories. Amazon, who pioneered the trend, joins Walmart, Target, and others in multi-million dollar investments into these creator-led commerce experiences. 

Amazon Influencer Storefronts and Target Influencer Picks

Walmart sees the several proven benefits of creator driven commerce experiences: 

  • 2x increase e-commerce conversions rates by bridging social with shopping
  • 60% increase in average order values by grouping products into cohesive bundles 
  • Rise in influencer retention due to a simpler, more favorable affiliate model

In a race for customers in an atmosphere marked by splintering customer acquisition costs, most brands will eventually embrace the Walmart Creator model for influencer partnerships.

How do I add Creator Storefronts to my Ecommerce Site?

Walmart, Amazon, and Target invest millions of dollars and human resources into making native influencer storefront technology. 

With LoudCrowd, adding influencer storefronts to your e-commerce site can be done with the click of a button and a significant fraction of the cost.

LoudCrowd powered Influencer Storefront with Freedom Rave Wear

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