Creator Storefronts: Top 5 Use Cases Beyond Affiliate Marketing

LoudCrowd’s Creator Storefronts can be applied to your business beyond the traditional affiliate marketing use cases. Brands can further boost revenue by integrating Storefronts throughout their eCommerce or in other marketing campaigns. We’ll discuss the 5 best ways you can use your co-branded Ambassador Storefronts outside of affiliate marketing.

1. Leverage your Creator Storefronts for New Product Drops

Ambassadors and Affiliates with Shoppable Storefronts excel at converting social traffic by showcasing new products alongside compelling user-generated content (UGC).

Encourage your shoppable creators to utilize the “Product Picker” to update their Storefronts with their favorite products or wishlist items from the new drop. Ensure the newest collections are enabled in the “Product Picker” for creators to select products from. After that, it’s important to let your Shoppable Creators know that new products are available for them to choose from.

LoudCrowd’s automations make it easy to deliver instructional comms & campaigns at scale. Check out the example below:

Your creators / influencers / ambassadors / customers can choose new products to add to their Storefronts with the product picking functionality.

2. Use your Shoppable Affiliates for Overstocked Inventory

Inspire your top creators to sell more by introducing sales challenges and bonus commissions. Boost sales for underperforming products by focusing affiliate & ambassador efforts on promoting them.

Combining sales challenges with bonus commissions, along with arming your creators with promotional codes to share with their audiences, are the best ways to get rid of all your unwanted inventory. LoudCrowd’s ability to generate and distribute campaign specific promotional codes (timed discounts) makes it easy to launch product initiatives.

If you still have leftover product at the end of your campaign, use LoudCrowd’s surprise and delight gifting capabilities to gift unwanted product to any creator.

Bonus commissions and sales challenges are a great way to inspire your community to sell extra or unwanted inventory

3. Leverage your Creator Storefronts throughout your Site

Top affiliates have a unique grasp of what sells well during brand promotional activities and will naturally add those products to their Storefronts. Using the highest converting Storefronts as product pages on your site is a great way to improve campaigns because:

  • Creator Storefront Pages can convert up to 100% more than other eComm pages because of the UGC x products placement
  • Creator Storefronts generally drive a 30% increase in AOVs because the products are bundled in a way that drives more ‘Add to Carts’

There are several ways to integrate your Storefronts throughout your eComm:

  • Navigation Bar Category: add an “Ambassadors” tab to your navigation bar that leads to a landing page where customers can search through Creator Storefronts to shop from
  • Program Landing Pages: add Ambassador Storefront blocks, that link to top Storefronts, on your rewards or ambassador program landing pages
ONIX Pickleball adds a shop by ambassador section to their ambassador / influencer landing page
ONIX Pickleball places their Shoppable Creators at the bottom of their Ambassador Program sign-up page
  • Product Pages: feature your top Ambassador Storefronts at the bottom of every product page, like the standard recommended products widget
  • Home Page Campaigns: link to a shop by ambassador landing page with carefully curated Ambassador Storefronts for a campaign. OR feature some of the best selling Ambassador picks on your home page
Shop top dad creator storefronts directly from the eCommerce home page

4. Creator Storefronts as an Incentive for your top influencers

Offering personalized Storefronts as a top tier reward is great for driving more participation within your existing creator programs. There are a variety of different routes you can take to reward your creators with their own Storefront. Below are just two examples of rewarding performance:

  • After making a certain number of posts: LoudCrowd automatically ingests your creators’ activities on Instagram and TikTok. With our automations, you can automatically provide any creator with a Storefront after hitting a certain number of approved posts
  • After making a certain amount of sales with a referral link or code: LoudCrowd automatically creates trackable links and codes for any of your creators. Once a creator hits a certain threshold of sales, automatically reward them with a Storefront

If you have creators who are constantly maxing out of the incentives provided to them in your existing programs, introducing Storefronts is a great way to re-activate.

5. Storefronts will Boost Affiliate Retention

Higher lifetime values, reduced costs, increased brand reputation, and better conversion rates are just some of the reasons creator retention is key to a sustainable eComm business. With that, your affiliates and ambassadors want more than just a generic link or code. Featuring your community on co-branded Ambassador Storefronts has proven to activate individuals in a way never seen before in the space.

These are just some some of the ways your can leverage your Shoppable Ambassador Storefronts throughout your brand campaigns. Book a demo or consult your dedicated client strategist to learn more about the initiatives possible with your Ambassador Storefronts.

Lucchese Influencer links to her Storefront with excitement on her Instagram story

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