LoudCrowd Releases Native eComm Product Bundling for Influencer Picks, on all Influencer Storefronts

LoudCrowd’s Shoppable Influencer Storefronts now allow all of your ambassadors to create featured product bundles / influencer picks. This is a similar experience to popular third party sellers like LTK & Amazon, except these bundles finally live on your eComm site, under your control.

This is the first, and only, automated way for creators to update their favorite products on your eComm site in real time.

How do Creators Make their Own “Influencer Picks”

LoudCrowd’s Ambassador Storefronts are integrated natively in your eComm, making the influencer experience seamless. The creator will:

1. Login to your site. Because Storefronts are native to your eComm, creators will use their traditional credentials to login and enter admin mode of their Storefront.

2. Clicks the “Edit Products” button while in admin mode to bring up the product picker modal.

3. Browses permitted products, selecting and unselecting their influencer picks, in Netflix style browsing.

4. Clicks save. The Storefront automatically updates with new influencer picks.

Why are “Influencer Picks” Important for your eCommerce Conversion Rates?

1. Creator commerce empowers your ambassadors & influencers to leverage optimal shopping journeys

Creators motivated by commissions want a direct way to convert their UGC into sales. These creators use offerings like LTK and Amazon Influencer Storefronts in order to make their audiences’ shopping experiences easy.

Several influencers talk about their Storefronts and picks

At the same time, creators generate content that immediately becomes shoppable. The results are more UGC content that focuses on fit, function, and value to drive purchase confidence through an optimized shopper experience.

“Check out all of my favorite [brand] picks in the link in my bio” is the new common CTA coming from the most effective content creators.

Now with LoudCrowd’s Ambassador Storefronts’ Influencer Picks, brands can cut out the third party sites and create this preferred customer journey natively on their eComm.

2. Smart product bundles, like “Influencer Picks”, raises affiliate average order values

Brands that can present complementary items effectively will result in consumers adding more items to their cart. Naturally, this increases average order values (AOV). Shopify cites that product bundles can increase AOV by 60%

But, brands shouldn’t do this on their own when their creators can do this for them, but better.

Creators often showcase complimentary products within their UGC… for good reason. It peaks customer interest by exposing them to items that supplement the original product they were shopping for.

With Storefronts’ product picking functionality, your ambassadors can curate a product bundle on their page prior to posting their UGC. The CTA becomes clear and the lead ends up adding more products to their cart, raising your AOV.


Your creators need a way to curate their favorite products from your brand. It’s why many creators resort to LTK, Walmart Creator, and Amazon’s Influencer Storefronts to be able to do so. But these 3rd Party sites are chipping away at your margins. Take back control of your creator centric shopping experiences, by giving all of your ambassadors the same experience, but natively on your site.

Plus, significantly boost your affiliate marketing conversion rates in the process.

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