Get More UGC with TikTok for Brand Ambassador Programs

TikTok is expected to reach nearly 1.5 billion users in 2022, making it one of the fastest-growing social media platforms of the century! More importantly, TikTok houses Gen Z, the generation most successful at and most willing to create UGC for the brands they love and trust. Brands that embrace the creative and collaborative nature of TikTok and set up brand ambassador programs, will further immerse themselves with the next powerful generation of consumers. 

The average TikTok user spends nearly 52 minutes daily on the social media site. That’s the equivalent to an episode of a primetime network television series. Further, there’s a huge opportunity to encourage UGC amongst your brand loyalists – nearly 55% of TikTokers have uploaded a video for others to enjoy. TikTokers are not only eager to consume content, they have proven they are ready to boast their creative juices in their own creations. 

Ultimately, TikTok users are clearly highly engaged and there are no signs that the TikTok trend is slowing down anytime soon. It’s imperative that brands hop on the TikTok train now.

What types of content are valued on TikTok? 

TikTok users value authenticity, creativity, and humor much more than traditional marketing aesthetics. First and foremost, TikTok users are looking to be entertained, to laugh at/with and admire those who are just like them. The posts that excel are the ones that employ comedy and genuineness. 

When it comes to branded content, TikTok users value the voice of ordinary consumers who have benefited from a brand’s products, as opposed to the disingenuousness of many highly-paid celebrities and influencers. This fact opens the door to marketing and advertising opportunities through UGC, which as a side benefit, is much cheaper than traditional marketing campaigns. 

Let’s detail 3 ways to for your brand to leverage TikTok…

1. Organically Encourage More TikTok User-Generated Content, or UGC

Hashtag challenges have become notoriously popular on TikTok. By encouraging mutual and mass participation, hashtag challenges foster a sense of community and collaboration. Consequently, brand recall and ROI tend to be dramatically greater with posts related to a hashtag challenge. The majority of hashtag challenges tend to be associated with some sort of popular song or sound, which acts as another lever for ad recall and recognition. 

Some successful hashtag challenges include but are not limited to #ShopBlack #ConverseAllstar, #exprESSIEyourself, #ASOSFashunWeek, #CancelTheNoise, and #VideoSnapChallenge

With a LoudCrowd brand ambassador programs, you can include a TikTok option as a reward for your members. Customers that have incorporated TikTok into their programs are already seeing beneficial UGC lift on the platform. 

Moreover, as discussed above, there’s a huge opportunity to spark a hashtag challenge amongst your ambassador programs. Consider launching a monthly challenge that encourages the use of a catchy hashtag. To score a viral hashtag, you must try and mobilize your existing brand ambassadors. 

*Reach out to your dedicated client strategist to learn more about incorporating TikTok into your existing brand ambassador programs or UGC strategy.

2. Use LoudCrowd to Support TikTok Analytics 

While TikTok doesn’t have an open API to allow them to be saved on any platform, LoudCrowd is able to provide a report of your UGC TikTok activity for your @handles and/or #hashtags. This report includes the date posted, TikTok username, caption, likes, comments, impressions, and engagement.

*Reach out to your dedicated client strategist to learn more about getting set up with a recurring TikTok report. 

3. Reward Customers for UGC

As mentioned above, if you have a current brand ambassador program with LoudCrowd, you can and probably should be including TikTok as a potential reward tier for your members. We can incorporate TikTok rewards with simplicity, much like we currently do with Instagram feeds and stories. Look at how one of our customers currently incorporates TikTok into their reward structure:

brand ambassador programs rewards explained

Will LoudCrowd support TikTok Ambassador P needs in the future?  

TikTok is coming to the platform very soon, with functionality and features analogous to the current Instagram ecosystem. Stay tuned for future updates!

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