Instagram Stories are officially on the LoudCrowd platform! Instagram Stories are one of the most popular outlets for UGC, especially among Gen Z audiences. In fact, Instagram Stories are used by over 500 million users each day. We’ve got everything you need to ensure you have a good grasp on your Stories UGC.

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How do I get my Stories to populate on the platform? 

Ensure you have authenticated the correct permissions by following this guide.

Can I filter my dashboard by just Stories?

Yes! Navigate to the ‘All Types’ button in the top right corner of the Dashboard page and select just ‘Story’.

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What Stories data can I see? 

You’ll be able to see the image (before it expires), the Instagram user, impressions, and EMV. 

How do I differentiate between Stories and In-Feed Posts? 

When scrolling through your UGC gallery, In-Feed Posts will be borderless whereas Stories will either be bordered or display ‘Story Expired’.

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How do I see just Story content? 

You can apply a filter on the Content page. Navigate to Content →  Add Filter → Post Info → Mention Type → Story.

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How do I know when the Story is going to expire? 

There’s a countdown timer at the bottom of each live Stories post. 

What happens once a Story expires? 

Once the Story has expired, the original image will be replaced by a ‘Story Expired’ message. However, you’ll still be able to see the user, impressions, and final EMV for the post. We recommend logging in each day to ensure you are capturing the content before it expires.

I have a brand ambassador program, can I include Stories based rewards? 

Yes! Stories are extremely popular amongst certain audiences and are definitely a more optimal UGC outlet for certain products. We encourage you to consider adding a Stories-based reward to your existing brand ambassador program. Reach out to your dedicated Client Strategist for getting reward fulfillment setup. Below is an example of a brand ambassador program landing page that includes specific rewards for Stories and TikTok.

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