[Podcast] SaaS Head to Head, LoudCrowd vs. CreatorCommerce

Impact of TikTok Shops, influencer marketing, and building high-converting storefronts from challenges of justifying budget to the evolution of software that automates influencer relationships.

In this episode, Jordan West, Kenyon Brown, and Gary Garofalo are joined by CEOs from two leading companies, LoudCrowd and Creator Commerce, as they discuss their innovative software solutions and the changing landscape of influencer marketing. From building co-branded landing pages to pricing models and the power of TikTok shops.

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Key takeaways from this episode:

  • The potential of influencer partnerships to drive sales through tailored website modes, particularly in different regions.
  • The ease of access for creators to onboard and modify their products.
  • The necessity of pairing Creator Commerce with an affiliate platform and building high-converting storefronts, along with the willingness to partner with affiliate platforms.
  • The potential of influencer marketing and the challenges of getting brands to engage in a new pricing model, along with the use of credits as an incentive to commit to launch.
  • The importance of understanding and addressing shortcomings or areas where businesses do not currently serve.
  • Leveraging software to automate influencer relationships and monetize creators at the bottom of the funnel.
  • The alignment of landing pages with ads and the admiration for solutions offered by Creator Commerce and Loudcrowd.
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