Codeless Affiliate Discounts

Stop coupon sites from abusing your affiliate codes

Meet LoudCrowd’s Codeless Affiliate Discounts – A link that applies a code-free but personalized discount for every customer that clicks on it – eliminating affiliate fraud and attribution error

Your marketing dollars are at risk

The social media and ecommerce boom has meant more 90% of consumers require a discount code to complete a purchase. As they began to search the internet for discount codes, sites decided to monetize it. Discount code tools like Honey, RetailMeNot, or Rakuten were born. Out of this came the introduction of coupon & affiliate fraud.

Affiliate coupon fraud is when an affiliate abuses a promotion and shares the coupon, against the discount policy. An affiliate committing coupon fraud may benefit from a coupon redemption if it includes a referral bonus.

Replace traditional coupon codes with Codeless Affiliate Discounts

Get immediate affiliate code protection from coupon sites like Honey, RetailMeNot and Rakuten.

Codeless discounts automatically appear in shoppers’ carts & checkout pages, and also shows the creator’s name or username of the clicked Storefront/affiliate link.

Measure and reward affiliate attribution – just like normal

LoudCrowd’s Codeless Affiliate Discounts work like traditional links and codes. Rest assured, knowing your marketing dollars aren’t be wasted on fraudulent commissions.

Creator-led discounts – from social to purchase

LoudCrowd’s Codeless Affiliate Discounts perserve the special feeling that creators have grown to love about traditional codes (i.e. EMILY20).

Both creators and shoppers will feel extra special with personalized pop-ups and in-line discount notifications.

What people are saying

“LoudCrowd has been incredible and very hands-on from the onboarding process to helping us streamline our student ambassador program to even helping us strategize our marketing efforts for maximum growth using their tools. With an extremely user-friendly platform and supportive team, LoudCrowd has made life easier and most importantly lessened my usage of spreadsheets.”
Courtney Siwek
US Senior TikTok Influencer Executive
“Now that we have LoudCrowd, I’m not sure how we functioned for so long without it! The program allows us to not only cultivate relationships with longtime Yasso lovers, but welcome new consumers into the fandom. They get awesome prizes for promoting us and we get increased brand exposure…win, win! Plus, the customer support team is friendly, attentive and constantly working on new and exciting ways to improve the platform’s capabilities.”
Emily Racanelli
Community Engagement Coordinator
“LoudCrowd is an amazing platform that is really helping us scale our ambassador programs. We have been working closely with Alexa and she has been truly amazing at helping us feel confident in using the platform and giving ideas on how to grow our programs bigger and better.”
Lauren Holuby
US Brand Marketing Assistant

Influencer Storefronts help brands of all sizes


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average increase in average order value


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Integrate your entire tech stack

LoudCrowd integrates with the most commonly used eComm platforms, email service providers, loyalty providers and more to provide the best white-labeled creator experience in the industry.

Ready to End Affiliate Fraud and Coupon Code Abuse?

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