What are labels?

Labels are tags users can place on photos to help organize their user-generated content (UGC).

Where can I find Labels?

You’ll be able to create and manage labels in “Settings” > “Labels,” but you’ll primarily use labels in the “Content” tab.

What can I create labels for?

Labels can be used to create any sort of UGC gallery you’d like. The most common examples are:

Repost or Feature

Label photos that you’d like to repost to your IG Story or Feed, or repurpose for other marketing collateral.

Specific products

Label photos that feature a specific product or product line. Example Labels: “Mascara”, “Leggings”, “Spring/Summer Collection”


Label photos that align with your seasonal marketing initiatives. Example Labels: “Football Season,” “4th of July,” “Snow”

By Marketing Campaigns or Initiatives

By Marketing Campaigns or Initiatives Label photos that mention one of your campaigns. Example Labels: “New Color Drop,” “Spring Ambassador Challenge,” “#hashtags”

How do I create a label?

From Settings

From Settings Navigate to “Settings,” Select “Labels,” Click “Add Label”

From Content

Select a single photo and label, or select multiple photos and use the bulk action tool to create a label.

How do I use labels?

After you’ve labeled photos, you’ll be able to use the Label as a filter in the “Content” and “Customers” tabs

Can I delete labels?

Yes, you can manage labels under “Settings > Labels”

Are labels only visible to me or the entire account?

Everyone on your team will have access to the labels created in your account.

Is there a limit to how many labels I can create?

Nope! You’re able to organize your UGC however you’d like with unlimited labels.

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