What is caption search?

Caption search allows you to identify posts that mention specific keywords within the caption.

Where can I find caption search?

Caption search appears at the top of the LoudCrowd app when you navigate to the ‘Content’ menu item; you will then see a large search bar at the top.

How do I use caption search?

  1. Navigate to the content menu item in the lefthand menu
  2. At the top of the page, type in the keyword you want to search in the search bar OR use the caption filter
  3. To search for multiple terms, separate by commas OR add more words in the filter
  4. Common Searches: hashtags, products, brands (competitors or owned)

What’s the best use for caption search?

  • Posts that use a sweepstake or competition hashtag
  • Influencer posts that mention a new product
  • Posts that mention multiple competitors
  • Seasonal posts (i.e. Back to School, Summer, holidays, etc.)

Caption Search FAQs

How many terms can I search for at once?

While there is no limitation on the amount of terms you can search, we recommend limiting to five terms.

Can I use other filters with the Hashtag Search?

Yes. Using other filters is a great way to tailor your search even further.

What do I do with my search results?

Use a label to organize photos that match your caption search.

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