What is gifting?

Gifting your customers and fans for user generated content is the best way to ensure you nurture brand ambassador relationships – and LoudCrowd is the easiest way to try social gifting and reward your customers for their engaging, on-brand content.

Where can I set up social gifting?

You can gift customers on their user profile or through the campaigns tab.

How do I create a reward?

You are able to upload a list of online coupons to the LoudCrowd system that will be sent to customers via Gifting. Contact your LoudCrowd Client Strategist for more information on reward setup.

Single customer

  1. Select the customer your would like to reward and visit their Customer Profile
  2. Click “Send Gift” at the top right of the page
  3. Choose the reward you’d like to send and the sending method (DM or Email)

Multiple customers

  1. Navigate to the Campaigns tab and select the Campaign you’d like gift customers from
  2. Go to the “Campaign Members” section, apply any filters to identify members to gift
  3. Select members by clicking “Select all” or checking specific users
  4. Click “Actions,” then “Send Rewards”
  5. Choose the reward you’d like to send and the sending method (DM or Email)

Social Gifting Examples

First-Time Posters: Surprise and delight customers who have engaged with your brand for the first time with Free Shipping. Customers will tag your brand 80 – 100% more after being rewarded for UGC.

Ambassador Program End of Month Rewards Fulfillment: Fulfill Brand Ambassador Program Rewards at the end of each month through the Campaigns tab.

Micro Influencer Relations: Send product to micro influencers ahead of a campaign or product launch.


What types of rewards can we send?

Any reward that can be redeemed by a coupon code can be sent to customers. Most common examples include site credits or discounts, products, free shipping, or exclusive merchandise.

How are the rewards delivered?

Rewards can either be sent via Instagram DM or email.

Can rewards be automated?

Yes! Rewards can be set to send whenever someone meets a certain threshold of posts.

Do you track any rewards metrics?

You can find general Rewards statics on the Rewards Management Page. You can also track Rewards that are tied to a campaign in the Campaigns Tab.

Social Gifting example

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