What is the LoudCrowd Dashboard?

The LoudCrowd dashboard is your UGC control panel with instant insights into your UGC Analytics and trends within your data.

Where can I find the dashboard?

The dashboard is the first screen you’ll see when you log in. You can navigate to the dashboard at any time through the navigation menu on the left hand side of the screen.

How do I use the dashboard?

You can use the dashboard to identify trends in overall UGC posts, impressions, or value, or you can use the filters to gather UGC insights on specific groups or within a particular date range.

Filter By Customer Segment:

Select the leftmost drop down above the graph to change the customer segment

Filter by Mention Type:

Select the rightmost drop down above the graph to look at a specific mention type – tag, caption mention, story

Filter by Date Range:

Select the blue date button on the righthand side of the graph to select a specific date range

Filter by Metric:

To change the metric you’re viewing on the graph, select the tab of the metric you’d like to view to switch views.

What should I do in the dashboard?

  • View ambassador UGC posts over the last 12 months to identify best UGC months
  • Identify peaks in UGC Impressions during seasonal campaigns
  • Determine value of Instagram Stories vs. In-feed post


How do you determine the percent change of each metric?

The percentage change of the metrics are determined by the date range.

What are your definitions for each metric?

You can review our definitions and calculations on our Terminology page.

Can I export the Dashboard data?

You can export data from the customer tab which powers the dashboard insights. From the lefthand menu, click on ‘Customers’; then click ‘select all’ to select all the profile who have interacted with your brand. Then a new menu will pop-up on the right, above your data, labeled ‘Actions’. From there you can export your dashboard info. To unselect all profiles, click ‘All Selected’.

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