UGC Marketing Starts with Measurement

TLDR: The best way to market in 2021 is getting your customers to post about you on Instagram and TikTok.  

Your customers are talking about your brand, about your products, but until LoudCrowd, the impact of these conversations wasn’t being quantified. UGC is a brand’s most efficient, scalable, and authentic marketing channel. It’s time for brands to measure it like other owned and paid marketing channels. 

Word-of-mouth marketing has always been the most effective and authentic way to grow an audience and gain new customers. A brand’s customers are its most valuable marketers. But even though engaging existing customers is a fraction the cost of traditional paid channels (like digital and influencers) word-of-mouth has historically taken a backseat to paid advertising channels because of its lack of measurement and reach. But in 2021, that’s no longer the case. 

Nearly every one of a brand’s customers now has an audience, a platform, and a social presence. When customers create UGC (user-generated content), their reach can radically exceed the brand’s reach. This organic customer engagement (free advertising) has been the tool that enables the fastest growing brands in the world to blow past their customer acquisition goals.

But if UGC is so important, why isn’t it at the forefront of marketing’s strategy?

I believe the answer is that brands have never been able to measure it effectively.  We work with some of the most successful brands in the world… but before utilizing our UGC Measurement product they couldn’t answer questions like “how much UGC do we get”, “what is that worth”, and “how does that compare to other digital channels”.  How can you focus on something if you can’t measure it?

And to be clear, I’m not talking about social listening tools.  Those 2010 legacy tools helped brands count their hashtags and evaluate sentiment.  On the two most important social platforms (Instagram and TikTok), nobody even sees hashtags.  They are basically useless, which is why there aren’t any companies in 2021 still branding themselves as “social listening tools”.

It’s time for brands to see UGC for what it is – their most important marketing channel.  As something they can measure and grow.  As a marketing channel with a real growth strategy that will take them to the stratosphere.

How is LoudCrowd changing that?

Today, LoudCrowd is launching a product to help every brand in the world measure their UGC. We can show brands who is creating content for them on social media, how many impressions they are generating, and the value of that content. It’s the type of information that needs to be at the forefront of brand’s marketing reports, since it’s the most accurate representation of your customers’ marketing value. And for healthy brands that have achieved Customer Led Growth, that number is going to be larger than all of your paid marketing channels.

We believe those metrics are critical for every brand in the world, and we’ve come up with a free trial and pricing structure that we believe will make our product a must-have UGC measurement tool for every brand in the world.

Once a brand understands how much value they are getting from their customers on social, we’ve built a suite of tools to help you grow that.  Whether it’s gifting your best customers on Instagram with the click of a button, identifying and featuring your best posts, or setting up a brand ambassador program to incentivize your entire customer-base to create UGC, LoudCrowd has you covered.  

This product is about changing the way EVERY brand thinks. The primary social goal for every brand should be getting as many of your customers as possible to create amazing Instagram and TikTok content. And we’ve got the tools to help you with UGC measurement to learn your progress, and manage your community to encourage even more UGC.  More is more.  Get more customers talking about you.

That’s the new partnership between brands and their customers. Before you write another blank check to Google or Facebook, consider investing that money in your customers that love you. See how far they can take you.

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