Freedom Rave Wear lifts CVR by 33% with Influencer Storefronts

Learn how Freedom Rave Wear, a family-run business that empowers individuals to express their unique style and inspire moments of freedom and connection, built a best-in-class community that drove higher key marketing metrics (EMV, CVR, AOV, CPA). 


Reduction in Cost of Acquisition


Increase in Conversion Rates


Increase in Average Order Value



Freedom Rave Wear Storefront featuring @_leblunt_ on Instagram


Freedom Rave Wear quickly became the premier destination for unique, vibrant, and high-quality rave and festival wear. Freedom Rave Wear’s customers are passionate about the mission, philosophy, and community the brand represents. 

Freedom Rave Wear initially sought out a scalable solution to build a community, boost brand awareness, and increase customer lifetime value (CLTV). They also wanted to find an alternative affiliate solution to GRIN and Dovetail that actually worked well for their top creators.


Freedom Rave Wear partnered with LoudCrowd to manage and build a Social Club that is focused on (1) incentivizing creators to post by offering free product and (2) creating continuously engaging experiences to maximize the CLTV of members.

Freedom Rave Wear also adopted LoudCrowd’s Influencer Storefront & affiliate code solution for their top creators to earn commissions. By electing to use Storefronts over traditional affiliate solutions, Freedom Rave Wear sought out to:

  • Radically increase conversion rates (CVR) from social 
  • Boost average order values (AOV)
  • Decrease costs of new customer acquisition (CAC)


All Customer Social Club

Freedom Rave Wear launched their white-labled Social Squad to all of their customers in September 2021. The program offers discounts, site credits, and free products in exchange for UGC content on Instagram and TikTok. Freedom Rave Wear hit 2000+ members and $330k+ in EMV soon after. 

Freedom Rave Wear offers
Tier 1 - $10 Site Credit
Tier 2 - $25 Site Credit
Tier 3 - $40 Site Credit

To grow the program consistently, Freedom Rave Wear leveraged LoudCrowd’s Automated Story Reply to distribute invites automatically through social DMs. Freedom Rave Wear also used Auto Story Replies to promote their own SMS & App sign-ups, and engage their members in other ways. 

At the same time, members who joined the Social Squad became more profitable customers. Member CLTVs grew by $514 compared to their pre-membership spend, and also was $821 higher than non-member spend. In fact, Members spent nearly $400k throughout the program, 125% more than the total spend from those customers compared to the year prior.

Program Members spent $405k since program launch in September 2021. Up 125% from the prior two years

Influencer Storefronts

After the successful and rapid growth of the Social Squad, it was time to turn top performers into powerful sales representatives. Freedom Rave Wear adopted LoudCrowd’s Influencer Storefronts, which brings the Amazon Influencer Storefront shopping experience, natively to any brand’s eComm. 

Freedom Rave Wear gave top ambassadors their own personalized pages on their website without the use of any development resources. The automations associated with a LoudCrowd Storefronts allows Freedom Rave Wear to invite as many members to have a Storefront as they’d like.

Shoppable creators earn a 10% commission on all sales driven through their personal Storefront. The shop enables creators to drive affiliate sales by:

  • Adding the creator’s Instagram & TikTok rave content automatically on their Storefront page
  • Allowing the creator to curate personalized festival bundles
  • Driving more conversions with an automatic, exclusive 10% discount for any prospective shopper on a Storefront

On top of that, creators love their Storefront because they feel closer to the brand and sell more (= more commissions). 

To promote even more affiliate sales out of their mighty group of 33 Storefront creators, Freedom Rave Wear created a thorough welcome flow that offers UGC tips & tricks across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

In the flow, Freedom Rave Wear also teaches their shoppable creators to use the product picker functionality. The simplicity of the product picker functionality allows creators to create a special curation of festival wear that optimizes for more “add to carts”.

Freedom Rave Wear welcome flow for their Shoppable Ambassador. Get their top youtube tips.


On average, 33 Storefront owners drive nearly 6,000 new prospective buyers to the Freedom Rave Wear site a month. Optimizing the social media to eComm shopping funnel, coupled with powerful UGC, allows Freedom Rave Wear to convert these leads at a rate 33% higher than former affiliate software. 

Buyers that visit an Influencer’s Storefront also spend 23% more than Freedom Rave Wear’s average order value. Creators grouped rave and festival wear into cohesive bundles, which results in customers adding more to their carts. 

On top of that, 48% of all shoppers who complete purchases through Influencer Storefronts are first-time customers with a low CPA. 

Creators with a Storefront reach newer, more valuable audiences at a CPA significantly lower than other channels. In fact, the average CPA of a Google Ad in the Fashion & Apparel space is $66, whereas Storefront shoppers is $11.20 (average commission paid to the creator) – a CPA that is 83.0% lower than average.   

And all of these milestones are achieved with little management, and a small team overseeing all 2000+ members and Storefronts. LoudCrowd’s automations make seamless delivery of creator communications, site credits, commission payouts and more.


Reduction in Cost of Acquisition


Increase in Conversion Rates


Increase in Average Order Values



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