From Community Manager to CMO: How Marketing Roles Build UGC Strategy with LoudCrowd

Cameri quickly realized that the affiliate program she had been asked to reengage had been neglected for some time. The information she found was outdated, rewards were incomplete, and there was little to no record of interactions or company’s UGC strategy. After asking around and digging, Cameri realized that whoever once oversaw the affiliates had left without passing on any knowledge of the program.

TBH, Cameri isn’t real but we have ALL experienced something similar. ​​As affiliate and ambassador programs become more popular, it is crucial for brands to have a system that can easily be accessed and utilized by everyone on the team. LoudCrowd was created with this in mind, providing users with the ability to control various aspects of the program while also being able to see how it is performing. This allows for a quicker process that eliminates the need for knowledge transfer or lost information.

Organizing and growing affiliate programs, brand ambassador programs, and UGC strategy can be difficult without the right tools. LoudCrowd provides an easy-to-use brand ambassador platform that helps marketing professionals streamline these processes. Here we detail how several roles across marketing are using LoudCrowd to improve their affiliate program management, ambassador programs, and UGC strategy.

How the CMO Leverages LoudCrowd

The CMO will want to spend most of their time in the Dashboard to gather information about your overall UGC strategy and social rewards program performance.


  • Track UGC growth
  • Toggle between specific date ranges
  • Filter by Instagram in-feed posts or Instagram Stories by clicking the ‘All Types’ dropdown
  • View data for all customers – or click the ‘All Customers’ drop-down – to view data for your social rewards program or a specific customer segment (exp. Influencers).

For more information on the Dashboard, click here

LoudCrowd UGC dashboard

Track your Impressions, Engagement Rate, and Earned Media Value growth by clicking on each of the respective tabs on the dashboard. Then, apply a date range filter, or customer segment filter, if applicable.

UGC strategy

How Digital Marketing Leverages LoudCrowd

The Digital Marketing Manager should spend time in the Program tab and Social CRM tab.


Once your social rewards program is created, navigate to the Program tab to track your membership, posts, and analytics coming from your program members. Here are a few metrics you can track to gauge how well your program is performing:

  • Weekly Sign-ups
  • How many rewards have been sent
  • Filtering for a specific date range to see if you’ve had an increase or decrease in your posts, impressions, engagement rate, and earned media value compared to the previous date range
impressions, engagement rate, and earned media value

Utilize the custom field data you’re collecting data from your social rewards members for targeted outreach via SMS or email. To do so, go to the Members tab, select all members, then click the Actions drop-down and select Export to collect all of their data. A few custom field responses you can start collecting today:

  • TikTok username
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Size


Find new customers to nurture or invite to your social rewards program by applying filters in the Social CRM. One customer you’d want to invite to join your program is someone who tagged you for the very first time on Instagram. To find those customers, click the All Customers drop-down button, and click the First Post: Last 7 Days saved filter. For more information on how to get the best out of the Social CRM filters, click here.

Social CRM

Spot gift your customers from the Social CRM, as a thank you for tagging your brand on social. You can do so by clicking on their username, clicking the purple Send Gift button, then selecting the reward you would like to send them via email or DM. For more tips on how to social gift in LoudCrowd, read more here.

ugc rewards

How Social Media Leverages LoudCrowd

The Social Media Manager needs to utilize the content tab to get the most out of your UGC, along with tracking analytics in the Dashboard.


If you see a photo or video you want to repurpose for your social media account, simply click the purple icon in the top right corner of the content to save the content directly to your desktop.

marketing plan

Interact with Instagram Stories you are tagged in, before they expire. You can track Story expirations by watching the blue timer at the bottom of a live story, or click on the live story and find the countdown on the right-hand side of the content.

program stats

Use labels to organize your UGC strategy content and quickly narrow down your content search. A few labels you can utilize include permission granted, products, or your plan to repost to Feed/Story. Click here to learn more about how to create labels in LoudCrowd.


  • When it comes time to do your weekly, monthly, or quarterly reporting, navigate to the dashboard. In the dashboard you can apply a date range filter, then track your total post count, impressions, engagement rate, and earned media value for the posts within the selected time frame. For more information on how to navigate the dashboard, click here.
  • Track the hashtags that are trending within your community, and see how your current campaign is tracking in comparison.
grow ugc

How Community Managers Leverage LoudCrowd

This position should primarily focus on the Social CRM and Program tab.


Use the Notes feature to track interactions with your customers or social rewards program members. To do so, click on the username, then click the Notes tab within the customer’s profile. Now, you can leave documentation for the interaction you had with your customer. For example, you can track good interactions you had via Instagram DM, contest/challenge winners, or inquiries about rewards codes received. For more information on how to use Notes in LoudCrowd, click here.

marketing strategy


You can also leave notes in your social rewards program members’ profiles to track winners and interactions by clicking the Members tab, selecting a username, and leaving a note there.

Quickly answer your social rewards member questions about the reward they received by navigating to the Rewards Activity tab. You’re able to track who received which reward, when they received it, and the discount code they received.

For more customer support questions and how to resolve them, click here.

programs tab

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