Building a Successful UGC Marketing Strategy with Instagram Reels

Why try to hack the Instagram algorithm when playing by their rules can help in your favor for growth and engagement? The Instagram algorithm rewards and prioritizes those who use their fresh new creative tools that promotes viewers to spend more time scrolling on the app. Introducing Reels content creation to your UGC marketing strategy can help you leverage organic short form videos on the Instagram Explore page to build brand awareness. 

Instagram Reels Trends You Should Know In 2022

Instagram and short form video platforms continue to be the top most downloaded apps. To stay on top of competing apps, introducing Reels has increased Instagram users by 4.34% with 61% of other video platform users planning to spend more time using Reels.

Unlike other apps, Instagram Reels offers successful marketing capabilities for you to add product links for shoppability on the post and creators can utilize the collaborative branded partnership tool for brands to have permission to boost the UGC with ads within the app.  

Changing attention spans of consumers has drastically changed the landscape of marketing trends. The average attention span has dropped to 8 seconds so the shorter the video the more likely it is to trend and we have to find new ways to produce engaging content. 

With short form video tools it’s an easy way to command customer attention and quickly get your brand message across, shortly and sweetly. 

Reels can be placed on the Feed, Stories, Reels tab, and the Explore page giving them the highest possible reach and a 22% higher engagement rate than regular video posts. The success of these engagement rates is that Reels with relevant content and keywords are being rewarded and suggested on the Explore page where 50% of users find new brands and products. With the Explore page you don’t have to be a big brand with millions of followers to get noticed. When your views increase, so will your following. These explore page viewers can be turned into followers and followers into customers. 

Best Time To Post Reels On Instagram

The average user spends about an hour of screen time scrolling on Instagram. The best time to post Reels on Instagram to create scroll stopping content is based on where most of your audience is located which you can check in your Instagram Insights. In your targeted time zone it’s best to post during the weekday before work hours at 6 to 7am, before lunch hours at 10 and 11am, and at bedtimes around 9 to 11pm. During the weekends optimal times for posting are late afternoons from 1 to 4pm and early evenings at 7 to 8pm. 

5 Creative Instagram Reels Examples 

With the creation of Reels you don’t need big budget commercial ads for highly engaging and authentic video content. And they are more trustworthy than regular ads! Invite content creators to do the work for you, they know what’s trending so give them creative freedom to make UGC and repurpose the content on your page. Creators apply their own personalities into UGC which naturally helps diversify the reshared content on your page to reach multiple targeted audiences. Your brand can even introduce new challenges and trends with trending audios and transition styles for others to recreate across the platform. Reels isn’t only about pushing product but helps craft an authentic voice, promotes credibility and builds an audience connection. Check out the successful branded Reels that use UGC to generate a viral business impact and meet their marketing objectives.

Track The Impact Of Customers’ Reels On Your Brand

As social media platforms continue to evolve and change user behavior, take it as an opportunity to be the first to do what’s new and adapt their new tools into your marketing strategy. On Instagram you can visibly check Likes, Comments, and Views. With LoudCrowd Instagram Reels Mentions feature, we offer the trackability to measure the earned media value from the videos your brand community creates, send rewards to ambassadors and customers for sharing the brand, and see the engagement growth after adding Reels to your UGC marketing strategy. 

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