4 Ambassador Activation Strategies to Engage Your Brand Community

Brand Ambassadors are one of the best word-of-mouth marketing resources. Focusing on engagement during in-between purchases is essential to growing your community. Retain your loyal customers as revenue generators by activating your brand ambassador community with these 4 engagement ideas you can try. 

1. Add Loyal Customers to Your ‘Close Friends’ Instagram Story

Customers love to feel valued and a part of something. Skinny Tan’s Head of Brand Communication shares, “adding ambassadors to your close friends stories on Instagram adds an extra reason for them to engage and create a post for the brand with full creative freedom”. On here you can share previews of new product launches, exclusive content, and fun challenges for them to create UGC for a reward.

2. Get to Know Who Your Brand Ambassadors are and What They Want

Get the most out of UGC by talking to your customers and making them feel seen. Use Instagram stories polls and questions – ‘this or that’ stories are a fun idea – send out a newsletter with a quick survey and a reward for taking it, or look at their posts and videos to see what else they’re into. Get to know them and reengage them with questions to gain insights on how to improve your brand ambassador program. Build relationships with them most importantly by showing that you care about what they think, including them in the process. 

Questions you can ask:

  • What types of rewards are most incentivizing?
  • Are you interested in participating in challenges/giveaways?
  • How would you like to connect with other ambassadors?

3. Step up Rewards and Help Your Customers Out

Life can be hard and you never know who may need help! Make a customer’s day by helping them out with direct cash payouts or digital gift cards they can use towards groceries or other necessities. LoudCrowd’s partnership with Tremendous allows you to gift unique rewards this holiday season (insert day 1 link). Their 700+ reward options give you the option to donate to a charity in their honor for those that want to give some karmic good. Unique rewards instead of the usual discount code make your brand’s community stand out from the rest. 

4. Ambassador events, Meetups, and GroupChats Ideas

Another way to get to know who your ambassadors are and for them to get to know each other is through brand events (virtual or in person) and communication platforms like Discord. Online forums give them a space to share feedback and trade ideas on content creation. You can give your community a designated name and hashtag like GoNanas’ #GoNanasFam to make your ambassadors feel a sense of pride and belonging when repping your brand!

In another use case, Boohoo invited their student ambassadors to their New York Fashion Week show where everyone got to meet each other and be a part of the brand amongst social media influencers. 

Tip: Building a landing page for all signup, content guidelines, and how to get rewarded information is a great place to start when promoting your social club.
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