Brand Ambassador Program

Your most valuable customers want to get more engaged with the brand. Build an out-of-the-box, value-focused brand ambassador program focused on rewarding brand ambassadors for creating UGC.

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brand ambassador program 2022


Beatbox Beverages

signed up 500+ ambassadors in their 1st month


Dew Edit

saw a 7x increase in user generated content



achieved 12x ROI within 6 months of campaign launch


Identify top customers

Easily identify your most vocal brand advocates, invite them to your Instagram ambassador program that will drive them to create more content and feel like part of your brand’s inner circle.



Automate Management

Create brand ambassador program structures that offer ambassadors incentives for creating content, and then automate the registration, communication, and fulfilment processes.


Implement in 30 days

Go from idea to full speed in less than 30 days with an out-of-the-box technology solution and playbook for success.


Delight Customers

Your customers will feel honoured to be part of a brand ambassador program like this. If they have been loyal and loud, show them that you’ve noticed, and watch them get energised to promote the brand.

Drive Real Value from your Brand Ambassadors

UGC focused rewards

Generate Huge ROI from Ambassadors

Measure ROI

Watch social EMV and LTV skyrocket with small rewards like discounts and product.

Ready to grow your social audiences?

Grow audience reach and product discovery with user-generated content. Incentivize customers and watch them get more engaged, show greater loyalty, and amplify your brand.

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