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“We had reached out to this account with around 100k to partner in the past, and they had declined.  I reached out to them last night to see if they’d like to be an ambassador now that we had Storefronts, and they thought it was really cool and jumped at the opportunity”
Christine Abdelmalek
“We love to use the platform to run quick challenges with our student ambassador program! We recently ran a flash challenge for PLT’s birthday and have another upcoming one day flash challenge for national unicorn day! It is so easy to plan, the students also love them! We can plan a challenge that day and have it sent out at the end of the day! We can also pick the winners that night, so we have a whole challenge set up and completed in one day time!”
Kira Renier
US Influencer Assistant
“We wanted a way to engage ALL customers who love and post about our brand. LoudCrowd has made this possible by offering a scalable, automated approach that requires little manual management.”
Maurine Magka
Influencer Marketing Manager

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