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We believe customers are the greatest marketing channel – so we encourage brands to reward for UGC. Do you love this Love Raw chocolate as much as we do?! Check out their UGC program.

We aren’t anti-influencers – they have their place in the marketing strategy – but we do believe in the immense value of authentic word-of-mouth content – that’s why we built LoudCrowd.

Follow along in our journey and see how much fun we’re having!!

Why pay influencers when your customers are creating content for free?


The average LoudCrowd ambassador program has 800 members, giving brands exponential reach for a fraction of the costs of influencers.


From a ‘thank you’ to a discount code, social rewards for content drive up to 7X more UGC from your customers.


58% of customers in an ambassador program buy from that brand at least once per month.


Beatbox Beverages
signed up 500+ ambassadors in their 1st month


Dew Edit
saw a 7x increase
in user generated content


achieved 12x ROI within 6 months of campaign launch

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