How VERB Accelerated UGC by Incentivizing Posts

Verb Products is a team of millennial women making the highest quality shampoo at the best prices.


Verb’s mission is to create salon-quality hair products at affordable prices. As part of their marketing efforts, Verb took their social media marketing to a new level, increasing the amount of content generated and asking “Verb Friends” to post about them on Instagram. Verb Friends was the perfect platform for customers to share their love of Verb online. While they saw a huge amount of success implementing Verb friends, Verb wanted to accelerate how many Friends were posting about the brand, and get analytics on the resulting content.


Increase in impressions


Increase in active users


Total campaign impressions

The Challenge

  • Encourage every-day customers to tag Verb in Instagram posts
  • Find rewards that will produce a good ROI and be compelling for customers
  • Separate and understand how customers, stylists, and Verb Friends act differently on Instagram


Immediately after announcing the Verb Friends rewards program, Verb saw an impressive increase in posts, impressions, and users posting multiple times. Best of all, these are high-quality posts that meet requirements set by Verb. With the high engagement rate, authenticity, and quality of the posts, these posts and impressions bring in more value than potential paid Instagram ads, influencer posts, or brand posts.

LoudCrowd helped amplify our connection with our customers and affiliates. It motivated them to go beyond the purchase, post about Verb on social media and actually enjoy doing it!

-Ana from Verb

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