Small but Mighty: GoNanas Delivers 70k+ Ambassador Engagements in One Year




Increase in Annual EMV


Increase in People Tagging GoNanas


Automated Ambassador Engagements


GoNanas had a small, but loyal social community and an affiliate program, but they wanted to take it to the next level. As a small team, they needed tools to scale their customer marketing and create an automated ambassador program that’s open to all customers, regardless of influence or follower size.


Leveraging LoudCrowd’s automated rewards and communication tools, GoNanas was able to scale their ambassador program to 1,884 members and automate their social gifting efforts that previously was managed manually through one-to-one communication.


Number of Program Members :

1,844 members in their all customer ambassador program

Earned Media Value

Pre-LoudCrowd: $103K EMV

Post-LoudCrowd: $217K EMV

After one year, 112% increase in EMV

Engagement / Impressions

Pre-LoudCrowd: 3.42M Impressions

Post-LoudCrowd: 7.23M Impressions

After one year, 112% increase in monthly impressions

Percentage UGC Growth

Pre-LoudCrowd: 1.17k tagged posts

Post-LoudCrowd: 1.56k tagged posts

33% increase in posts

Number of Posters

Pre-LoudCrowd: 524 creators in Social CRM

Post-LoudCrowd: 2,364 creators in Social CRM

351% increase in people tagging the brand

Social Gifting

788 automated gifts sent between October 2021 & September 2022

Ambassador Communications

70,000+ community emails automatically delivered

47% average open rate

“We value a strong, authentic level of customer interaction across social, but with our small team, customer engagement became a full time job that fell on one person, manually sending messages with our similar voice. LoudCrowd helped us free up the time, so we could focus on higher-level initiatives like growing our brand, building out ambassador campaigns / events / challenges, ambassador-branded products, and even helping [LoudCrowd] build out a new product to help scale & automate further.”

Morgan Lerner, CEO/founder, GoNanas


Annual EMV


Program Members


Community Email Open Rate


Increase in Creators Tagging the Brand

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