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Bombshell Sportswear is a high-end, global brand dedicated to providing women’s apparel focused on mental and physical health.  Their apparel, ranging from activewear to lifestyle has built a massive customer-base of highly engaged women around the world, in addition to a social following of nearly 900k followers.

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Bombshell’s challenge, like most brands in this environment, was to build brand awareness at a lower cost. With the cost of influencer marketing increasing (and leading to scale challenges), Bombshell was looking for a social growth engine that could scale with the brand.


Instead of competing with countless other brands for fashion influencers, Bombshell looked within and decided to empower and engage its customer base.  They partnered with LoudCrowd and invited their customer base to join “Team Bombshell” and energized them with content nudges and incentives.


Bombshell built a program that invited all of its customers to be official creators for the brand.  They created several tiers of engagement incentives that called for every customer to create Instagram Stories, Reels, and feed posts.  Incentives included Loyalty Points, Discounts and Site Credits.

To build program participation, Bombshell invited customers to the program via email and Instagram.  They ran email campaigns targeting:

In addition, they posted several stories highlighting the opportunity for their customers.

In total, they were able to 2,000 participants in the first month, and have grown the program to 3,000 members since.

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By the Numbers


From their 3,000 members, the program has generated enormous social lift, resulting in 22k posts, 70M impressions, and over $1M in EMV.

The costs to generate those posts were nearly non-existent. Using the all-in costs of rewards AND the LoudCrowd platform, program members generated content at a CPM of $.45. That’s roughly a 100x improvement on influencer efficiency, where the average CPM is $50.

Based on money invested in both LoudCrowd and the rewards, the program generated an ROI of 33x.

However, those rewards also drove an increase in customer spend by 45%.

And all of these milestones were achieved with minimal management, and a team of 1 person overseeing the program and managing all 3,000 members of Team Bombshell.


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