Social Rewards in One Click: The Ultimate Gift for your Brand Ambassadors

Step up your social rewards in a Tremendous way! Participating and building customer communities through rewards is the future of social commerce. What better way to reward your brand ambassador communities than rewarding them with what they want?? Payouts are a huge incentive to encourage more UGC! This allows you to quickly build out your content library and then easily curate what you’re going to post for the week!

Expand your UGC strategy with these new social gifting rewards. More customer rewards = more posts = more brand awareness = more sales and so the cycle continues. 

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Go above and beyond a discount code, and reward with cash payouts and electronic gift cards, or give the recipient that option to donate to charity – it’s giving season! Bonus points: For customers who want to make a positive difference with their purchases, build up your brand’s social responsibility by running a content contest, for every UGC post you will donate $XX amount to a chosen charity through the Tremendous platform. 

In a survey of 400 creators, Deloitte found that 66% say payout is an important factor when considering partnering and working with a brand. Creators know their value and brands need to recognize what they have to offer. Diversifying rewards with these digital incentives is a great way to value your top customers and ambassadors.

Learn best practices on how to share your rewards program with your customers – let them know about your brand’s social club and how they can join to start earning! 

Holiday Giveaway Ideas for Brands

Just in time for the holidays, giveaways are a great way to boost engagement, social reach, and brand awareness. In the giving mood, you can reward winners with their choice of gift card. The integration of Tremoundous makes rewarding just as easy as entering. Plus you stand out from other social giveaways by offering incentivized rewards.

With the electronic gift card vendor option, you can select one where your products are sold (Target, Sephora, Ulta) so you can tell your customer that their next purchase is “on us!”  

How to manually DM rewards on Instagram

With both a Tremendous Integration and Manuel Story Replies in the LoudCrowd Platform, it makes rewarding easier with it all in one place. When a customer mentions you in their story or tags your brand in a post, it enables the ability to message back without sending it to the request inbox. The digital disconnect between being online versus in-person interacting with customers in a store has its challenges. To keep up with daily outreach efforts and scale relationships online, on the platform you can send customized direct messages and rewards to customers with active Instagram stories without having to switch between apps. 

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When you interact with a customer’s story mention or tagged post they’re 3x more likely to post again so engagement is key to keeping them in the UGC loop. Simply asking brand followers to share their love or product reviews on Instagram stories is the only call to action you need to open up the conversation for manual DM’s and sending rewards. 

LoudCrowd’s partnership with Tremendous allows you to reward your customers that win giveaways or content challenges with cash payments, prepaid cards, or gift cards from 700+ vendors.

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