Sell-ebrating Social Success – 001

Issue 001: TikTok Ban; Our Spicy TLDR.


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Al and Alexa

🗞️ Industry News by Al

The TikTok ban – My TLDR: Proceed as business as usual…

…but make sure you’re diversifying your channels.

TikTok is still one of the best places to grow a brand, but you should always be prepared for a reality without ANY of your distribution channels. Yeah that includes channels like email marketing cough Google’s draconian deliverability rules cough.

In all seriousness – there’s likely three outcomes of this TikTok ban campaign – so make sure you have an idea of what to do in the event of each.

A: ByteDance (TikTok’s parent company for us normal people who don’t know) Sells TikTok and the App Survives

B: ByteDance Refuses to Sell and the TikTok Ban Happens

C: The Courts Rule the Bill Unconstitutional and the App Survives

If you want to learn more, check this out. Otherwise keep reading for the fun stuff.

🛍️ Brand of the Week by Alexa

LoudCrowd client shout out!

L.A. based jewelry brand Melinda Maria creates pieces that make you feel luxurious, edgy, and classy without worrying about the price. Influencers have been part of their marketing strategy for awhile, but they needed a way to scale partnerships with a formal ambassador program to monetize and gift their customer advocates.

So, LoudCrowd entered the chat. Through our creator-affiliate partnership with Melinda Maria, they were able to achieve:

🤑 $80K in monthly creator sales

⬆️ 37% higher conversion rate vs. rest of the website

⬇️ 61% reduction in customer acquisition costs

💸 37X return on investment (ROI)

Check out the full case study to learn more about Melinda Maria’s community efforts + overall success with Creator-affiliate Storefronts.

Melinda Maria’s creator program is one of the first to equid every member with a personalized co-branded landing page

📺 Content of the Week by Alexa

For this week’s listen, LoudCrowd’s very own CEO, Gary, joined our friends at the Upgrowth Commerce podcast to battle it out with a different social commerce option (they who shall not be named).

Gary and company dive into the state of social commerce and rift about the evolving influencer marketing landscape. Of course, they may briefly mention the impending takeover or lack-thereof of TikTok Shops as well.

📦 Product of the Week by Al

I’ve been thinking about this Darth Vader themed packaging from Truff for at least three weeks now. I might even buy my first ever food product from an eComm site because of it (unlike Alexa who succumbed and bought the infamous spicy Carbonara ramen from TikTok Shops 🙄)

Launching cool creative initiatives will never get old for DTC brands.

👑 LoudCrowd Updates

Introducing…multi-collections on LoudCrowd’s Creator Storefronts.

We’ve made it easier than ever for your creators to curate multiple shopping lists on their personal co-branded pages. Think seasonal favsholiday gift guidesdate night looks. After-all, your creators know their followers best, so let’s give them the power to personalize their pages to drive more sales for your brand.

All your creators need to do is click the + button on their Storefront once they’re logged in, then they can start creating as many collections as their heart desires. It’s that easy – check out this example.

Multi-collections allows creators to make product bundles like holiday gift guides, date night looks, back to school, etc. directly on your eComm

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