Content Guide

Your guide to making content that converts

Use Featured Product Links when posting about specific products

Use a Featured Product Link when talking about a specific product. When clicked, shoppers will be able to access that product at the top of your Store. You can create as many links as you want.

1. Navigate to your Storefront

2. Locate (or add to your Store) the product you’d like featured

3. Hit the “Share” icon and copy the link

Important Tip!

Buyers are more likely to complete a purchase if their journey is as simple & streamlined as possible. Featured Product Links are important in creating this experience.

Post shoppable videos

Shoppers love video – posting more of it will drive you more traffic and sales. Some great ideas:

  • OOTD – Outfit of the day
  • GRWM – Get ready with me
  • Product unboxing and reviews
  • Curated picks & style hauls
  • Lifestyle videos & more

Approved video content that tags the brand handle on Instagram & TikTok will also automatically appear on your Storefront.

Create urgency with FOMO content

1. Call out product restocks & low inventory

Let your audience know when popular products are running low or back in stock.

2. Announce big promotional periods

Your audience might not be subscribed to brand emails. Let them know when there’s a big brand sale.

3. Mention exclusive discounts – often

If you have a personal brand discount code – mention it everywhere and in every post.

4. Announce big product drops

No one wants to miss the next big trend.

Important Tip!

Being authentic in every piece of content is important in gaining the trust of your audience. You’ll drive more sales in the long run by being genuine.

Engage your audience

Research shows the engagement rate is the biggest leader of Storefront success. Boosting engagement can be hard, but built-in social media features have made it easier.

1. Respond to questions and comments on your content

2. Use Instagram’s built-in Question Stickers and Polls

3. Get creative with your Creator toolkit. A Storefront is a great start to standing out.

Examples of selling Storefronts

No need to recreate the wheel, learn from some of the best sellers