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LoudCrowd is here to help you organize your Brand Ambassador Program every step of the way, so we’ve built a FREE template for managing your program and tracking performance analytics. Track important engagement stats from brand ambassadors, influencers, and/or affiliates – formulas included!

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Top brand ambassador program stats to track…

UGC measurement is about looking at the overall picture, not just follower counts or other stats that can be inflated. 

Earned Media Value (EMV)
It’s important to tie a revenue number to any marketing program. This helps when looking for budget to build the program or add technology to help with growth.

Social Rewards 
Social rewards are an opportunity for a brand to engage with its customers and build greater loyalty.

Lifetime Value (LTV) / Customer Loyalty
UGC brings authenticity to your brand which is the foundation of customer loyalty programs, supporting LTV goals.

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UGC Creates Long-Tail Results By Creating Customer Engagement

The exponential reach of UGC is unmatched! Learn how your brand can benefit from building engagement strategies with your customers.


The average LoudCrowd ambassador program has 800 members, giving brands exponential reach for a fraction of the costs of influencers.


From a ‘thank you’ to a discount code, social rewards for content drive up to 7X more UGC from your customers.


58% of customers in an ambassador program buy from that brand at least once per month.

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Customers are a brand’s most significant marketing asset and the user-generated content – UGC – they produce is the #1 way to grow reach, engage new audiences, and build customer loyalty. Kick off your UGC strategy with LoudCrowd!

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