3 Examples of Brand Ambassador Programs from Fast-Growing eCommerce Brands

Building a brand ambassador program can help brands better leverage social media creators and grow audience reach through UGC word-of-mouth marketing. UGC content – the evolution of influencer marketing but with a much higher ROI.

Brands like Koala Eco, GoNanas, and boohoo have the best in class marketing strategy when it comes to growing their community. Their brand ambassadors support and represent the vision of the brand’s purpose, goals, and ethos to raise brand awareness and sales.

Recognize the power of your customer communities as they generate content, awareness, and revenue at scale by building your brand ambassador program.

What’s a Brand Ambassador

Brand ambassadors are brand advocates that promote the brand by sharing UGC with their followers. In return, brands offer rewards, event invites, exclusive access to products, and affiliate commissions. They’re passionate about the brand both online and offline to help with the brand’s earned media value and word-of-mouth marketing efforts that are authentic versus paid influencer campaigns.

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Successful Brand Ambassador Program Examples 

Through the experience of other brands, you can learn what works for a type of ambassador audience and what doesn’t. Here we check out a few of our clients that have built and scaled their programs through challenges, creativity, and events to activate their community.

Koala Eco

The Koala Eco a natural plant-based and sustainable home and well-being product brand saw a 15% increase in video content from their Ambassadors by running a challenge. They encouraged their Social Club members to post Reels during the month of October and saw a huge success! 

Running brand challenges and contests to promote UGC from your ambassadors is a fun incentive to engage your community. Using a dedicated hashtag for challenges is a smart way to organize the UGC when viewing the UGC content library on the LoudCrowd platform. 

sample UGC from brand ambassadors


GoNanas always brings a creative energy that is reflected on their social platforms.

“LoudCrowd – in combination with our marketing efforts – has allowed us to grow our reach 4-5x in just a few months, which has been SO awesome to see.”- Morgan Lerner, GoNanas Co-Founder, and CEO.

On the platform, Morgan can scale social gifting and outreach efforts all in one place versus manually through one-to-one communication. It has freed up their time so they can focus on growing the brand and building out ambassador campaigns, events, and challenges.

sample social rewards


boohoo is scaling a student ambassador program in an effort to engage its Gen Z audience. The brand has taken the initiative to invite student ambassadors to exclusive events to celebrate the launch of new collections! Events give the ambassadors a space to get to know each other and are activations to generate UGC!

sample brand ambassador program

Tips for Building Your Brand Ambassador Program

Build an engaging community of motivated brand ambassadors with these tips to get you started.

Create a webpage for your social club

  • To start promoting your social club, share an invite to the landing page on socials and in a marketing newsletter. Here you can put all the information on how to join, rewards they can earn, content creation guidelines, and other Q&As for your loyal members. Always encourage creative freedom to diversify your UGC content! 

Automate the rewarding process

  • When an ambassador or customer tags you in a story or post you can automatically send a reward through Instagram DM’s. Trigger a custom message with a discount code or tier status update to be sent even when you’re out of the office. The automation ensures you don’t miss the 24-hour window of stories to respond.

Scale outreach efforts

  • Like automating the rewarding process, it works to scale your engagement efforts to send customized messages to those that are mentioning your brand and use your curated hashtags. Make it easy to communicate with your ambassadors when they advocate for your brand to their authentic followers. 90% of consumers say they are more likely to buy from a company after having a positive social media interaction with them. 

Send the right rewards

  • Sending customized rewards will increase revenue without having to discount products. Ask customers what type of rewards they want to receive and get creative with cash payouts, gift cards, and charitable donations through our Tremendous integration.

Track your performance and ROI

  • Determining the data metrics of your digital marketing efforts is the advantage to strategically optimizing your program and scaling its success. LoudCrowd’s platform and tools help assist with managing and growing your program. Brands can view UGC, see who their top performers are, and collect data analytics to measure marketing ROI

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